Adguard VPN servers are blacklisted just about everywhere :-(

As far as I can tell, every single AdGuard VPN server is currently blacklisted on the most prominent and widely used VPN blacklists.

That makes the service borderline useless for a lot of geo-unblocking purposes. Heck, it makes it borderline unusable even for regular browsing given how often one is - at best - presented with a 3 minute "are you human" captcha puzzle, or, far more often: outright blocked.

This is how a sizeable chunk of the Internet looks like when using AdGuard VPN:


Many stores block purchases from all AdGuard VPN IPs.

Because of these problems (and the still unresolved technical issues) I picked up a suspiciously cheap "lifetime" subscription from one of the many cheap but supposedly less-than-trustworthy VPN providers as a fallback.
I'm just shocked by the difference in experience:
Their, supposedly, crappy and untrustworthy, service works. And it works well. And it's not blocked anywhere. I can use the Internet how I normally would.

AdGuard's far more premium service simply doesn't work right now.

That really shouldn't be and that's incredibly disappointing.
Since I just got a weird DM regarding this post:

Don't get me wrong with this post, this is definitely not meant as a "I found something better, goodbye" post. I have a long term subscription for AdGuard VPN and every intention to keep using it. Given AdGuard's previous work and reputation I'm sure all of these things will be addressed sooner rather than later. And VPN appears to marketed as a little but of an early access product, so I'm definitely cutting them some slack.
I love how fast AdGuard VPN connects, I love that it's fully compatible with AdGuard for Android, I'm happy with the speeds and - with the single exception mentioned above - with the software quality.

This is meant as a "there is a big problem, please fix this" technical support request. Because the service, as is, just isn't great.

Examples for affected websites: (all servers fully blocked) (all servers purchase blocked) (no streaming possible)

None of these have any issues with "cheap, 'crappy', alternative, VPN".


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To diagnose and solve your problem, we'll need the logs of the AdGuard app.
Collect and send the specified files using this instruction:

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