AdGuard + VPN => VPN icon not showing


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I'm posting my case here since there is no forum section specifically for AdGuard VPN.
I have a paid subscription for both.

The case:

I'm using both instances together and they worked well together until a day or so ago.
The VPN icon was showing before and I noticed all of a sudden that it was gone.
I don't know why since I don't know exactly when it became disfunctional.

The VPN app is running and shows 'connected' but testing it via IP tracing shows my actual place so that's not what I want to be happening.

The tablet has rebooted once and I also forced the app to stop working for a few times so that it was cleared from the memory but it doesn't help.
I have the confirmation screen again to start the VPN-connection, the app connects but it's not tunneling the connection...
So using a VPN or not makes no difference.

I've paid for it so I want it working but I don't know what is going wrong.
Maybe that other users may have had the same issue and may have found a sollution for this issue.

Thanks in advance.


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I noticed that it must have something to do with the compatibility mode between Adguard and the VPN.

I do get the confirmation screen to connect with a VPN if I select VPN-mode in Adguard VPN but, when I then connect with the VPN, all connections are refused. I suppose that AdGuard blocks them?