AdGuard VPN with routing via Ukraine no longer free


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We are hosting a family who fled from Ukraine. In order for them to access certain information from Ukraine, they have been using AdGuard VPN. Unfortunately, since a few days routing via Ukraine is no longer free. I think it's a pity that in the current situation they just moved these servers to the subscription.

Boo Berry

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AdGuard VPN has been having stability issues for the last few days, due to a sudden increase of over 1 million users (mostly from Iran due to the problems happening there).

AdGuard VPN free accounts are limited to 3GB of traffic with a 20 Mbps speed limit per month. Beyond the 3GB, it's speed limited again to 1 Mbps but from what I know nobody is blocked or kicked off the service after using the 3GB at 20 Mbps, it's just speed limited to 1 Mbps so it should still work. But it could be because of the stability issues the last few days that issues might happen. Have you tried switching servers?


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There is only on server for Ukraine I think. It has a lock icon since a few days, so not included in free servers. When I select it, I get a request to sign up for a subscription. Traffic is not the issue.