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so i'm testing the Adguard VPN extension, it work well so far; but i still have few questions:

1- Do you own your servers? if yes are they Baremetal or Virtual?
2- What protocols the VPN uses? OpenVPN, Wireguard?
3- Do you plan to implement multi-hop ?
4- do you plan to audit it (once released officially)?

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Hello there!

1. For now, we're renting servers. But we plan to start our own a little later.
2. WireGuard is used temporarily. But we are developing our own protocols and will soon implement them in our VPN.
3. So far VPN works in test mode, and now all efforts are focused on fixing bugs and release the product for the Android platform. After we optimize the operation of the VPN. We will definitely add many features.
4. That's a pretty interesting idea. Thank you, we'll take it under advisement.

You can find out more about VPN in on our blog: