AdGuard VPN


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Hi! Could you please try our latest nightly version? You can find it here: Please add anti-virus software (if you have such on your PC) to exclusions, then check if the issue occurs. If the app still crashes please send us extended logs, so that we could troubleshoot the issue further.

Nevertheless, if you wish to get refund anyway, please send me your email directly, so that we could find your order to proceed further.


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Only way I got AdGuardVPN to install and run without crashing was to install and run as admin


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I can't login on ADGUARD VPN , I have uninstall - install so many times..
This bugs irritated me much. After 3-4 reports to the support team, the situation gets better now however many server has continually been unavailable. I'm on business trip in Southeast Asian and the best server Singapore are usually unavailable/disconnected


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Man I'm getting so tired with this software, every time I start PC I have to sing in to app., most time password doesn't work with adguard pass.Screenshot 2021-10-04 223644.png