AdGuard vs ExpressVPN


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My AdGuard keeps disconnecting my ExpressVPN?? ExpressVPN keeps disconnecting my AdGuard?? There's got to be a way for both to coexist?

I opened up App Management in AdGuard and shut off everything relating to ExpressVPN. Without my AdGuard my movie apps from unknown sources will have ads continuously popping up!! Without my ExpressVPN my movie apps will continue to crash!! HELP!![/B]

Boo Berry

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It'll only work if ExpressVPN provides SOCKS5 proxies or your device is rooted and you can use the local HTTP proxy option.

The Android OS has a limit of one VPN at a time. AdGuard for Android, by default, uses a local VPN to filter traffic but even though it's not a real VPN it still counts towards Android's VPN limit. If your device isn't rooted (and/or it can't be rooted) your only option is using a VPN provider that provides SOCKS5 proxies.