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I thought I read somewhere, that with the introduction of the browser extensions (AdGuard Assistant), the onscreen icon would disappear (place in one of four corners).
Am I mistaken, or am I missing an option?

I am running version release (CL-1.5.269) on macOS 10.15.5 (19F101).


Boo Berry

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Eventually, yes, the legacy AdGuard Assistant will be removed in favor of the new Browser Assistant browser extensions. Likely in the next major version they'll be removed.


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Thanks for the swift reply, but call me confused ;-).
FYI: I'm a brand new lifetime Ad Guard user, so forgive me my ignorance...

So, I thought the introduction of the currently new assistants was called a major upgrade.
I was under the impression that before last update, the screen icon was the way to interact with AdGuard, and that is was replace with the AdGuard macOS statusbar icon/app, that has assistants in the form of browser extensions...

Not correct then?

PS: at home I use AdGuard DNS Family Protection. It being active is very nicely shown on this AdGuard DNS page. Feature request: would be nice that all AdGuard apps would have this indication on its main screen (on macOS, iOS, ...).