AdGuard with Shopping Cash back site Ebates

Larry Hochman

New Member
I recently switched from Adblock Plus and I am really liking Adgaurd- however I am struggling being able to shop (and get credit for purchases) with the Ebates site.

Any experience how to get this to work?


Boo Berry

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What filter lists do you have enabled? Does Ebates work if you disable all filters (but leave filtering enabled)? If so, you might try enabling filters one-by-one and retesting Ebates to see if the site breaks. If you can narrow down which filter list(s) are causing issues on Ebates, it'd be a great help to the filter devs.

Larry Hochman

New Member
I am a new user and only have on the default (English Filter). If I turn this filter off, I still have the issue.

Here is the error (note I chose Macy's, but it is the same with other stores):


If you click on the link for "Learn about adjusting software and settings"

you get this:

Add-Blocking Software

If you have ad-blocking software installed, you may experience issues using Ebates and earning Cash Back. If you have AdBlock, Adblock Plus or uBlock, you can add or subscribe to the Ebates Cash Back Shopping filter list.

Enable Cash Back

In some instances, adding the Ebates Cash Back Shopping filter will not successfully resolve the issue. If you see ad-blocking software warnings after adding the filter, you will need to disable your ad-blocking software during your shopping trips to properly use Ebates and earn Cash Back. Similarly, if you have other ad-blocking software installed, you will need to completely disable the software during your Shopping Trips.

White-listing will not resolve any issues. If you white-list, you will not see ad-blocking software warnings, but issues preventing you from earning Cash Back may still occur.​

If you click the "Enable Cash Back" it tried to load this


Which does work in AdBlock Plus

Appreciate any help!


Larry Hochman

New Member

Surprised I am the first to ask about this as eBates is pretty popular.

I am not sure I know what I am doing, but I did add "" to the whitelist in settings and it seems to be working. The error went away, but I will need to verify that the next time I buy something the data is passed from the merchant back to eBates so I do get credit.



Staff member
@Larry Hochman adding a website to the whitelist certainly helps, but it means that AdGuard no more filters it. It is a good solution if you are fine with ads on the website or want to support it by disabling ad blocker there.