Adguard won't enable/activate/turn on


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Hello there!

Please clarify how long the problem started to reproduce?
Have you installed any third-party software during this time period?
If you reboot your MAC, nothing changes?


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I always had this problem. The only way to put it on again is to reinstall the app.
And even if reinstall, once I turn it off, it won't turn on again.
Reboot doesn't work.


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I have the same. My Adguard updated this morning to and now after a reboot I can not enable it.

After a second reboot, Adguard was able to be enabled again
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Yes, this is the same issue I have with my install as well. MACOSX Big Sur, rMBP 2016. Using latest versions provided by Setapp (Application version setapp (CL-1.5.269).


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Same issue here. Using Cataline 10.15.6 with the setapp version of adguard ( setapp (CL-1.5.269)).
One I deactivated it, I can't reactivate it anymore.

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If you're using Big Sur, you have to use the nightly version of AdGuard for Mac right now.


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I just got inpatient and reinstalled the app. It didn't help, you have to reset the Settings (or completely delete all files via App Cleaner..). Now it works again, but that process is annoying, hopefully it will be fixed in the next version. :)