ADGUARD work with ShadowshcoksR?


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AdGuard 7.2 can work without ShadowshockR(SSR), after I using SSR AdGuard failed. also AdguardAssistant icon disappeared in web

How can I make it work with SSR?


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Hello, can you send me in DM settings and what server is selected in SSR, I'm even not able to reach any of the websites till SSR is on. Also, please, collect the log files (with the reproduced issue) according to this article in our Knowledge Base.


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Hey, @TheHasagi

Sorry to bother you, I was wrong!
AdGuard only work with SS(PAC mode) but not work with SS(Global mode)

PAC: develop for the user who lives in China. when the user wants to visit Facebook, YouTube kind of sites has been blocked in China, user can use the Shadowshock to visit sites has been blocked. but the user doesn't want to effect the speed of connection o Chinese sites. so user can use PAC mod.

Here is the screenshot about AG+SS
PAC mode

Global mode