AdGuardPro in NativeDNS mode with user instance of AdGuardHome, has no backup option?


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I was wondering if I could get some guidance, or if I'm missing something?

I have AdGuard Pro on my iOS device and have it set to Native DNS. I use Native DNS and have it point to my own DoT DNS server running an instance of AdGuard Home. This works great except when/if my home ISP goes down, or there is a problem getting to my instance of AdGuard Home, there seems to be no way for AdGuard Pro to drop to a backup DNS, (using even SYSTEM as the backup)? I looked in Low-Level settings, and “backup DNS” is not supported in Native-DNS mode. I looked into the .mobileconfig and the only option for seeing if the DNS is reachable is using URLStringProbe but that only works in the first instance of enabling the DNS profile, not per request, so will not work. So I am wondering if there is a way to use a backup/failback DNS that I am just misunderstanding?