Adguards English filter and Easylist filter, overlap?


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I read that the Adguard English filter is originally based on the Easylist filter. Does this mean that these two filters are (for the largest part) overlapping?
I now have both filters enabled, but maybe that isn’t necessary.

Boo Berry

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Greetings and welcome!

Basically the English filter = AdGuard base filters + EasyList. So yes, the English filter is indeed based on EasyList (and does merge the newest, up-to-date changes with upstream EasyList). So yes, you don't need both enabled at the same time due to the overlap which will save you greatly when using AdGuard for iOS and dealing with the Apple Safari content blocking limit.


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Thank you for your quick reply!
Yes, the content blocking limit was one of the reasons I am looking into these filters. Good to know these are overlapping.


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