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Good morning..... Was wondering is something changed or is something up with my 2 desktops. Out of nowhere all of a sudden Ads will display when going to check my inbox on YahooMail. I just noticed it today so I'm not sure how long its been doing this, but i know for certain for ages they never showed up. Any help input is greatly appreciated.


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Hello there!

For the first try to update filters clear browser cache and check again.
If ads still show, send the report to our filter developers.
They will give you the necessary recommendations.


I started seeing ads in Yahoo Mail this morning. Updated all filters and even reboooted the computer afterwards. Ads still showing up.

Edit: They are coming and going. I just checked again and they were not there. Then I closed out Firefox and tried again. Ads are back.
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Ram....... that is about the exact same thing I've been seeing as well. However I think I see what could be going on with it on my end which I'm testing now and will report back.

Question for ya...... do you only use the adguard extension in your browsers, or do you happen to have the Adguard Windows program installed and running.


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Well it seems I finally narrowed it down. On my one desktop I didn't realize I must have installed the Firefox browser extension & I do use the sync feature so it was installed on the home desktop & my comp at the office. However on both my desktops I had the Adguard standalone app installed for Windows. First thing I did was removed the extension to test things out & still had ads in YahooMail. So then I decided to uninstall the standalone app. After which I reboot the comp and then installed the extension again. Low and behold the ads are now gone from YahooMail.

Whats weird tho is the fact for ages I was only using the standalone app in Windows and never saw ads in YahooMail. So im not sure still what changed on that front & it not working correctly. But for time being I'm good wiht it working using the extension in the browsers.

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The standalone app not working is odd indeed. A couple questions; were you using the same filter lists in both AG for Windows and the AG browser extension? Also, are you using any sort of antivirus/antimalware app? If so, what?


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Yes both the Ext & the standalone were using the same filter set. Once I noticed I had the ext I did go in and check things to see if it could be a setting

As for Antivirus I have Bitdefender running.

At the end of the day tho I guess not using the standalone app isn't to big of a deal. Using the Ext makes my life a little easier seeing I guess seeing as my home desktop is setup as dual boot to run Linux as well. And with no standalone for Linux I do use the browser Ext which I'm guessing is why the Ext popped up in Windows and I didnt realize it til I saw ads in YahooMail and started to try to trouble shoot it


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I am using the latest Android Adguard and filters.

I am starting to see ads on my yahoo mail. They were blocked previously.

Any advice?