Ads show up in Lunascape Browser.


Beta Tester
as the browser loads different executables for Gecko and WebKit, you'll have to add them manually by:

- switching to Adguard's extended interface
- click on Settings
- select Browsers and you'll find yourself in "Browsers settings"
- click "Add a browser" and browse to your lunascape installation folder. look for the plugins folder.
- in here look into each of the numbered folders for lsgecko.exe(found in the {9BDD5314-20A6-4d98-AB30-8325A95771EE} folder in my case) and lswebkit.exe(found in the {E0A0A926-0D85-44fa-8BC5-AD8BECF6D545} folder in my case) on each occasion click open in the dialog box which appears when you click Add browser to add the files to the Browsers settings.
Adguard should now filter traffic in Gecko and Webkit now.