Advice for Element Blocking please


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Good Morning

I am new to AdGuard and have installed AdGuard Browser extension in my Opera browser on Windows 10 desktop computer.

I am not very computer-literate, but from what I can see the program is working well in controlling unwanted ads etc. and I have enabled a lot of the filters offered.

I am, however, a bit unsure of exactly how the 'element blocking' function works and would appreciate a bit of help.

I sometimes want to block the occasional advert which is showing up (rare) but mainly want to get rid of the rather garish 'thumbnail-type' boxes which are shown down the right-hand side of online newspaper pages and which are a distraction when reading the main news items.

I have already worked out how to select an item and put a green box around it (and also how to preview the result) but I still have a couple of queries:-

1) How exactly is the the max/min green slider used ? Can it somehow make the green box move both horizontally and vertically under control or is it just a 'trial and error' situation and has to be moved after blocking to another adjacent area and repeated?

2) After blocking the element(s) there is a white space on the page where the elements used to be - is it possible to fill this in by expanding other elements on the page ?

Sorry if this is a bit confused but I don't know the necessary terms to describe my problem properly. Perhaps someone can advise me or maybe point me towards a tutorial where I can read further into the matter.

With thanks and regards,