AG Causes IE\FF Load Lag

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  • Adguard
  • Windows 8.1 x86-64 OEM (Toshiba)
  • Internet Explorer 11.0.960.18125
  • Firefox Nightly 46.0a1

I noticed browser launch and webpage lag in both IE 11 and FF 46 beginning with beta version immediately prior to RC1; earlier beta 6 versions did not cause this issue.

The lag totals about 5 seconds overall.

The issue persists in RC1.

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To fix issue I have tried:

  • Uninstall\re-install Adguard beta
  • Waited for next Adguard beta version (RC1)
  • Uninstalled all security software
  • Uninstalled\re-installed Firefox
  • Cleaned browser and system temp folders

The above actions have not fixed the issue.


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I have the Fx extension installed, along with AGW RC1, and the extension slows up Fx launch. When I disable it Fx launches fine. Do you use the Fx extension?

Deleted member 6561

If you mean the in-browser assistant, then yes. I have noticed a definite lag\delay in the loading of the in-browser assistant.

I use only the desktop version of Adguard; I do not use the browser extension.
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Thank you for the bug report!

Do you see this lag for every page load or just on browser startup?
Does it depend on the website?


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Do you mean the case when website has already been loaded and then 2 seconds later loading circle spins once again and finally Adguard assistant shows up?