AG blocking Bluetooth internet for some Samsung Galaxy watch apps.


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I have Samsung Galaxy watch SM-R800 and a Pixel 3aXL paired using Bluetooth. The watch gets all internet through BT from the paired phone.
Today I discovered that some apps, not all apps, do not get any internet if Adguard for Android is enabled on my Pixel.
I have tried various things. Checking the filtering log. Changing some settings. I can't find any cause of this block.
Any ideas how to proceed?


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They are both Google 3rd party apps. Must be blocking something google?
Not using Adguard VPN


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I'm guessing there's no answer because it's a scenario (Bluetooth with Samsung watches) that's never been tested for or encountered before.

IMO, local HTTP proxy works best if the device is rooted, so if your device is rooted you should be golden. Unless I'm mistaken the firewall feature may not work when using the local HTTP proxy filtering mode (this used to be true, not sure if it still is) so that's something to consider. On the other hand if you are indeed rooted and you use the local HTTP proxy you can use a "normal" VPN alongside AG for Android. As for any other pros/cons they *should* be listed in the knowledge base article: