AG DNS dashboard not logging blocked DNS from macOS Ventura 13.0.1


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I'm using AdGuard DNS on macOS (OS and AG are fully up-to-date) and for some reason the DNS filtering that shows up in the local AdGuard Filtering Log is no longer being also logged on AdGuard DNS on the web like it used to. The device is registered, has it's own unique address that is set in AdGuard on the Mac using the Custom option and DNS protection is enabled... I've tried switching to another DNS server and then back, have tried removing the device from Adguard DNS on the web and adding again, have cleared log/statistics... they just don't show up on the web no matter what I do.

To note, though... everything ELSE is showing up for that device on the AdGuard DNS dashboard, but blocking (after days of being enabled) shows "0".

Any ideas?