AG Pro and NextDNS


Does anyone use AG and NextDNS? I am facing some issues with an invalid upstream error message although everything was working fine before.



I found a workaround yesterday, but I can't explain why it is working.

If you delete AdGuard VPN connection in iOS settings, which will disable AG DNS, and setup NextDNS in AG application, it will work. Also, I realized after a while, that some third parties DNS have also that issue like ControlD but some not like Rethink DNS. I just can't explain why.

So if anyone is facing this issue, this is the solution while AdGuard dev solve this issue that I reported to their support.


Boo Berry

Moderator + Beta Tester
If you're using NextDNS you probably should use their app for the DNS, don't you think?


This isn't a good response. You could say that for all others third DNS parties. Then, why offering a DNS section where you can add your own DNS provider?

AG copes with Safari cosmetic, NextDNS for the DNS and Windscribe for the VPN. Best of breed strategy.

Anyway there is a bug and the dev team is aware of it now. The bug, an old one just appeared again with AG new release.