AG VPN - AU server - Websites detect as Japan


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Using AU server in AG VPN is resulting in sites and search engines offering up Japanese versions of their sites. This has been going on for a while, multiple people have reported it, occurs on multiple devices.

If I use a few geolocation sites they detect me as being in Japan.
Tested with and

I really would like to see this fixed as it is incredibly inconvenient to continually be presented with Japanese language versions of sites, and then have to find the English version. I'm also getting 2FA security generating more security checks because of being detected as being in Japan..

I'm guessing the problem lies with as the hoster of the AU server?
Could we please get this looked into?



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I'm seeing the same strange behaviour on the Warsaw server. For example whole Aliexpress site loads up in Russian, so I have to manualy edit the address to get back to the original.

And so often lately on a different pages (even google) I've to clear the captcha because of the suspicious behaviour..


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I'm still regularly, and randomly, getting Japanese versions of sites when I use the Australia - Sydney VPN.

Could someone from the AG team at least acknowledge the problem? It's very unlike the AG team in the years I've been using the products to completely disregard or ignore a problem in their products being reported by paying customers. I'm fine if the answer is "we don't know, but we're looking into it", just some acknowledgement would be appreciated.


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It happens when your browser save your cookies, you try after delete your browsing history or use another browser to check your VPN IP.