AG VPN feature request - redundant VPN server in Australia


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Hi Team.

I'm based in Australia and using AG VPN has been a pretty good experience with latency always around that 20-30ms and throughput down by, say, 30-40%.

Right now, I found that I couldn't connect. The Sydney VPN server was gone from the list. So the next fastest option for me is a US-based server which increases my latency by a factor of 9 (170-195ms).

I know servers can go down/offline. I know they need maintenance. Would it be possible to have a 2nd VPN server in another Australian city (Melbourne?) for redundancy in the region?

If the thought is that Singapore is much closer to Australia so why not use that? The answer is that while it is geographically closer, in internet terms, it is connected to the main international trunk with a run of CAT4 cable :). Singapore latency is ~350ms and most of South-East Asia and Japan is same.


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Hello there!

Actually today we have some issues on the Australia server but now they've been fixed and the servers are running as normal.
And by the way, in the near future, we are going to add servers, including in Australia.

Will be better to create feature requests in GitHub.
Because if you write to the forum we will only prolong the chain of information transfer to the developers.
And on GitHub, developers will be able to see your request directly and evaluate it.