Aguard settings opening after login


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Whenever I turn on my laptop and login, the settings window opens for the Safari extension. Any idea what it could be?

MacBook Pro M1 13.2
Safari 16.3
Adguard version 1.11.11
I very recently installed the Safari extension, and I'm surprised there isn't more 'traction' on this annoying issue.

The the inability to _not_ launch the AdGuard settings window every time you launch Safari is a major nuisance - and completely irrational. Why should we need to see the extension settings every time we launch the the browser app? We can already easily tweak those whenever we need to - there is no reason to have a huge, pointless window obscuring the app on initial launch.


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This issue is known: #746

Also you can try this for a temporary fix that only works if you initially installed from the App Store:

1: Use a tool like AppCleaner to remove AdGuard and everything associated with the app for a proper fresh start.
2: Download the non-app store release version:
3: Install it, let it start on start up and say yes when prompted about doing this automatically next time.
4: Reboot and enjoy a pop-up free AdGuard start up, all you see is the icon quickly pop in and out of the dock.