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My trial period expires soon and I haven't used any features whatsoever, premium or otherwise. There's been a message on my notifications panel saying "Preparing to start protection, please wait" for over 30h straight. I've been default, nightly, default again, now I'm thinking of going beta and back to nightly. If anyone knows how to enable AdGuard on a non-rooted device, please tell me the secret. PLEASE.

Or, if anyone knows how to root a Samsung Galaxy A51 without bricking the camera, I guess I'm willing to accept that as a solution.



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AdGuard Beta channel does not update.
AdGuard Nightly is just as useless as AdGuard Default.
I'm told AdGuard works on non-rooted devices, but I'm yet to see evidence of that. Is that a lie? Is it false advertising? Or is it because I have a free 7-day trial licence? Do you have to pay in order to get protection? Because the idea of a free TRIAL is that you get to see what you're going to buy in order to decide whether it's worth your money. So far, AdGuard doesn't seem worth my money, it doesn't do anything other than take up 125MB of storage space. Blokada Libre actually works on non-rooted devices, it's safe and reliable and free of charge; unless they're lying about the free trial giving you access to premium service to see what you're buying, AdGuard for Android on a non-rooted device doesn't block anything.

My 7-day free trial licence expires three days from now. I'm going to assume that they're not lying about the free trial licence; that these seven days have been a true AdGuard Premium experience, which is to say, garbage. Waste of storage space, waste of time trying to configure a bunch of services that don't work, a would-have-been waste of money if I had made the mistake of paying for it before trying out. If you believe otherwise, please share with the class what's your secret. What does one have to do to get AdGuard for Android to work on a non-rooted device?


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Usually just installing and it works. Maybe Avast or something different is blocking it. Did you stop Blokada before trying to start AdGuard protection?
Please send a report via the app including details.


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(0) I've tried installing it on the same device twice, and on a different device once, always with the same result: AdGuard cannot establish a local VPN connection, ergo doesn't work. I've also tried updating AdGuard 3.6.7 (Default) to AdGuard 4.0.74 (Nightly 33) twice, which could be regarded as installing it again a further two times on the same device; also no go. Am I installing it wrong? Is there a secret to installing it correctly? Where do you install it from?

(1) I don't see why anything would block AdGuard and not Blokada, if both supposedly do the same thing (establish a local VPN connection). I'd wager, if the problem was not with AdGuard itself, it would affect either both or neither. In any case, Avast doesn't have any problem with the AdGuard I download on device #2, either on device #2 itself or on device #1 (to which I exported the .apk I had downloaded on device #2 via Bluetooth; oddly, Avast did have a problem with the .apk I downloaded onto device #1 directly several times over…)

(2) Yes, I tried disabling Blokada's protection before attempting to enable AdGuard's most of the times I tried enabling AdGuard's protection. Though I've also tried not disabling Blokada first, just to see what would happen; it didn't make any difference.

TBH, there's a lot of reports here of people who attempted to connect to an actual VPN directly (=not via SOCKS5) without disabling AdGuard first, or to enable AdGuard while directly connected to an actual VPN, and generally attempting to connect to a VPN without disabling AdGuard first automatically disables AdGuard in order to connect to the actual VPN and vice-versa, so logic dictates the same would happen when attempting to enable AdGuard without disabling Blokada first or vice-versa, as they're both "local VPNs", so Android should treat them both as though actual VPNs (the fact that Blokada is not automatically disabled when attempting to enable AdGuard in my case is probably because AdGuard simply will not enable period — if AdGuard could establish a local VPN connection, it probably would automatically disable Blokada's in the process).

(3) How do I send a report via the app including details?
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Doesn't that send the report to costumer support? I already did that (on day 1 of my free trial licence); they said

Hi there!

We’ve received your message, the ticket number is 592383. At this moment we've got a lot of incoming requests, so there is a delay in our answers. We'll do our best to get to your ticket as soon as possible, but, due to technical reasons, we are strictly limited in our resources and have to treat mostly payment-related tickets postponing technical ones. We apologize for the inconvenience

Meanwhile, you may read the knowledge base on our website or AdGuard Forum where you may find the solution for some issues.

P.S. If you have got something to add to your first message, just reply to this one. Any new request with a different subject will create a new ticket. It would be a complete mess!

Stay safe,
AdGuard Support Team
, only they said it with more emojis. There are reports here of people waiting more than 5 weeks for costumer support to write back; unless they're planning to give me a new trial licence, that's gonna be four weeks too late.

I'm told this is because of the war on Ukraine, but can't they just hire a new tech support company? One in India, preferably? (There's never going to be a war on India, they have nukes.) Although, TBH, I've had technical difficulties with a same app twice and their entire development + consumer support team consists of only two people, but they still manage to always answer my e-mails and solve my problems in a matter of days. If a company the size of AdGuard can't do that, I'm honestly disappointed.
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