Am I doing it correctly according to the DNS definition?


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The domain name system, the name resolution system was invented in 1984 for the Internet, only a system that allows the corresponding settings between IP address and domain name. Domain Name System (DNS) is an ordered naming system for computers, services or any Internet related resources. It associates a lot of information with the domain names assigned to the participants. Most importantly, it converts meaningful domain names for humans into identities (binary), associated with network devices for the purpose of locating and addressing devices around the world.

The analogy often used to explain a domain name system is that it acts as a "telephone directory" for searching the Internet by translating hostnames into IP addresses.

For example, translates into

The domain name system allows to assign domain names to Internet user groups in a meaningful way, independent of each user's location. Therefore, hyperlinks and information exchange on the global Internet (WWW) can remain stable and fixed even when changing Internet routing or participants using equipment. mobile. Internet domain names are easier to remember than IP addresses such as (IPv4) or 2001: db8: 1f70 :: 999: de8: 7648: 6 e8 (IPv6).

People take advantage of this when they recount URLs and email addresses without having to know how the machines will actually find them.

The domain name distribution system is responsible for assigning domain names and mapping names to IP addresses by assigning authoritative servers to each domain name. Servers with assigned domain names are responsible for their own domain names, and in turn can assign their own unique host names to subdomains. This technique has implemented DNS distribution mechanisms, accepted errors and helped avoid the need for a single center to sign up for advice and be constantly updated. In general, the Domain Name System also stores other types of information, such as a list of email servers that accept email for an Internet domain name. By providing a vast keyword distribution world - the foundation of a navigation service, the Domain Name System is an essential component for Internet functions. Other formats such as RFID tags, UPC codes, international characters in email addresses and hostnames, and a host of other formats may be able to use DNS.

I have found this DNS definition. But I want to know better, who can help me? For example, the specific website is: