Amazon Add to Cart returns Not Added


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Windows 10 Pro 21H1
Extension 3.6.13
Firefox 92.0.1 and 78.1.3 ESR
Edge whatever

It took me a while, but I finally nailed down this issue to the AdGuard extension.

I can demonstrate it in default profiles for Firefox - no other extensions, default settings, no about:config tweaks. And it does the same thing in Edge.

When selecting "New (xx) from $xx.xx" or "Other Sellers on Amazon," a panel slides out from the right.

Clicking on ANY "Add to cart" results in a "Not added" and a nice ! in a red field.

Disabling AdGuard protections allows for an add to the cart.

The "Add to cart" on the product page itself works OK, but that one is what Amazon chooses. Which is OK most of the time, because Prime. And not OK when the item is all Marketplace sellers.

Otherwise, all other Amazon processes work OK, straight thought to a successful checkout.


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