[*] [Android 2.1.267] Catch-up TV issues


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@Alex302, in the latest beta $document modifier won't allow these rules to be used, it is now applied to "HTML" documents only.

You should provide rules without modifiers instead.
Rules updated.


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Please try with this rules:
If the problem will gone, remove one-by-one with checking. Write me the rule(s) removing of which causes the problem again.

You said to try the rules you listed before and if the videos work, to then remove one at a time until the problem occurs again.
Why then would I remove one rule at a time, when the videos didn't work at all?

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Did you try to disable filters one-by-one with checking?

Also check these:
I tried these filters. The videos now work, with ads showing as usual.
The ads still need to be removed.
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That's good. Now you should to remove rules one-by-one with checking the video after every removing, and find the rule, removal of which cause the problem. Then you restore this rule and remove other rules one-by-one.
I know, it is slow process, but I don't see other variants.
For these tests you can use HFS (if your PC and phone are in the same network)
1. Make a text file with a short name (1,ече)
2. Drag it to the HFS window
3. Press Import button in the User Filter in Adguard and type the url of your txt
For example:
Then you can work with txt. Before import, you should clear the User Filter.
You can use the "!" for comment the string, instead removing.