[Android 2.7.220] Protection Pausing issue.


Beta Tester

Protection pausing does not seem to recognize that I am connected to 4g.

I have to manually reactivate protection after phone has switched to 4g coming from my wifi.

This does not happen when going from 4g to wifi. It detects my wifi connection just fine, and turns itself on.

Very strange. This is why I thought it may be a bug and posted here. Very sorry if this is already known/posted. I did search for this issue and did not find anything.


Staff member
Hello @Permannoid

Please collect a log for us.

1. Open Adguard and go to "Settings".

2. Choose "Advanced" in the left menu.

3. Set "Logging level" to "Record everything". It's desirable to close all background apps that don't concern the problem beforehand.

4. Reproduce the problem (disable WiFi, then enable 4g) and set the logging level back to "Default".

5. Send us a message from program by choosing "Send Feedback" in the menu. Don't forget to check the "Send detailed system info" checkbox under the text field.

6. Let us know about your userID (it will be mentioned in the autoresponse email from support).