[Android 2.9.70] Keeps restarting due to critical error


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Running Fulmics 7.0 OS with MagiskSu and Xposed I keep getting a push notification saying "Critical error! Adguard encountered a critical error and was restarted".

I switched from LOS to Fulmics only yesterday, and installed Adguard this morning. It worked fine for a while, untill like an hour ago since when I have gotten the message a few times already.

I'd like to show some logs here too, but I don't actually know how to obtain them :S. If anyone could be so kind to tell me how get my hands on them that would be great!

EDIT: So I found the article on collecting logs (sorry for being stupid), but it hasn't happened since
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@Cool_Nick_Name just to make sure, do you run the latest Adguard version?

And just in case a link to the log collecting manual: https://kb.adguard.com/en/android/solving-problems/log
Please send it to us if the problem comes up again.
When I installed Adguard the beta URL (http://adguard.com/apkb) didn't work, so I installed the normal version, set the update channel to Beta and checked for updates. There it said I had the latest version, but I'm not sure if that's release version or beta version.