Android 4.1.2 problem...



On Android 4.1.2 when I reboot my phone AdGuard service will not start or sometimes it starts, asks for trusted VPN connection and begins to filtering my phone without turned on Wi-Fi, when I turn Wi-Fi on/off AdGuard still filtering and don't want to switch to standby mode when Wi-Fi is off like it should - this is very weird, maybe it's a bug...

On Android 6.0.1 when I reboot my phone AdGuard service always waits and activates only when I turn on Wi-Fi and that is a good behavior, when I turn off Wi-Fi AdGuard goes back to standby mode and all is normal like it should - this is normal situation when everything works ok...

Why on Android 4.1.2 AdGuard doesn't want to work like on Android 6.0.1?


Logs was sent...

1. Wi-Fi is off, reboot phone.
2. AdGuard asks for VPN connection.
3. Accepted VPN connection.
4. AdGuard begins to filtering my phone (Wi-Fi is still off).

When I use AdGuard app and manually turn off filtering then after I turn on Wi-Fi AdGuard service won't start at all and I must again use AdGuard app to start it manually.

When I skip and don't use AdGuard app to manually stop filtering then:

5. Turned Wi-Fi on, Adguard still filtering my phone.
6. Turned Wi-Fi off, Adguard goes back to standby mode.
7. Turned Wi-Fi on, Adguard begins to filtering my phone.

Points 6, 7 are normal behavior, points 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 are weird...
On Android 6.0.1 after phone reboot AdGuard service behave always normal!
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