[Android 5.0.2] IPv6 causes ad leakage.


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My network recently enabled IPv4 / IPv6 dual stack access. When IPv6 is enabled AG does not seem to work. Many ads get through with Firefox and Chrome browsers and various apps that have normally been blocked. If I disable IPv6 altogether then adblocking works well. This goes for latest stable and beta releases.

I'm currently using a Samsung Galaxy Note Tab Pro 12.2" wi-fi tablet (SM-P900) running stock Lollipop 5.0.2 ROM. The device is rooted and I am running AG beta 2.9.111 in proxy mode.


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Ah, sorry, just read about proxy mode.

So, the problem is that the current implementation of proxy mode does not filter IPv6 at all.
We want to resolve it in v2.10, but at the moment the only viable solutions are either to use VPN mode or to disable IPv6.