[ANDROID] Can I view which URLs does an app connect to?


Beta Tester
I would like to know that if I. An know which URLs an app is connecting to (including HTTPS) protocol. I mean the complete URLs including the GET parameters and full page path.
This helps the user in identifying the ad URLs of a particular app which are not identified by Adguard previously so that he can add them to his custom filters.

For example, consider https://example.com/ad is not filtered by Adguard, then the user can add it to his own custom filters.


Staff member
@Gowtham currently the only way probably is to enable 'record everything' in the logging level settings and then read through the log - it can usually be found somewhere like


/sdcard/Android/com.adguard.android/cache/log or

/sdcard/data/Android/com.adguard.android/cache/log or


depending on the device.

We are working on a handy and easy to use filtering log for android, it will probably come in v3.0.