[Android] It stops ads but still opening new window


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I am watching cartoons on this website. I open Samsung Internet and just choose a player (mostly openload.io) and that's super great that ads are actually stopped (warning - some of pop-ups after hitting "play" contain "adult ads" - if you open the link without AdGuard) but, unlike the Mac/Pc version - new windows are opened anyway. You got to click "play" two times to actually start playing the video, and every click triggers a new window. No ads, just the message "the connection is unreachable".

That's not such a big deal but if I could speed up the process (just play, without closing those windows) it would be totally awesome.


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We need exact url which contains the video and your filters.


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Sorry for the wrong section - I wasn't sure where to put it as commercial are stopped and just blank window is opened.

For example here (but the problem occurs with every video opened in an openload player):

EDIT: https://www.rapidvideo.com/embed/FTIEXTPNFV - When I open this player, I get the red AdGuard info window saying that this site may be dangerous and asking me if I want to access it - well, I don't. I don't want to even open it, so I think rapidvideo should be filtered too.

In filters:
Ad blocking (5/5)
-AdGuard Base filter
- AdGuard Mobile Ads filter
- EasyList
- Peter Lowe's list

Privacy (1/5)
- AdGuard Tracking Protection filter

Social (1/2)
- AdGuard Social Media filter

Security (3/3)
- Malware Domains
- Spam404
- NoCoin Filter List

Annoyances (4/7)
- AdGuard Annoyances filter
- Fanboy's Annoyances
- Adblock Warning Removal List
- (Obsolete) Anti- Adblock Killer | Reek

Language-specific (9/62)
- Official Polish filters for AdBlock, uBlock Origin & AdGuard
- Polskie Filtry Ciasteczkowe
- Polish Anti Adblock Filters
- EasyList Polish
- KAD - Przekręty
- Polskie Filtry Społecznościowe
- Polskie Filtry Elementów Irytujących
- Polskie Filtry RSS
- Polskie Filttry Wewnętrzne

(I probably don't need all of those, but I thought that turning on "some more" will resolve the problem from this topic)
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No warning or window reproduced on my Android.
Do you have AdGuard DNS Family protection enabled?
Do you have high quality filtering active?


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I'll check that tonight how it looks on Android but I have a very similar situation on iOS.
The only difference is that on iPhone it doesn't just open window with "no connection" but opens up eg. Aliexpress. On iOS I don't have AdGuard DNS Family protection and I don't know where should I check if "quality filtering" is on.