[ANDROID] Little bug in version 2.0.2


Beta Tester
Hey guys,
i've found a little bug in the latest Adguard update.
First of all im using the Local HTTP Proxy filtering.
As described i've manually configured my wifi to use the HTTP proxy.
Further i've manually configured my APN settings to use also the Adguard HTTP proxy.
It's working without problems, but when i pull down my notification bar Adguard says "Filtering current WI-FI network".
As you can see in the screenshot WI-FI is turned off and Adguard filters my APN connection.
So it would be nice if you could fix the notification "Filtering current WI-FI network" to "Filtering current APN connection" or similiar if Adguard filters the APN connection.

The Screenshots are in english and german language.

Greetings from Germany and i hope you understand my description of the problem :D


Staff member
Hi there!:)

I suggest using some common phrase instead of specifying APN or WiFi.
Like "Filtering current internet connection".

What do you think?


Beta Tester
Yes thats also a good idea. The people will know that Adguard is active and wont be confused from the wrong notification.