[Android v2.1.359] Twitch.tv Chat failing to connect


Beta Tester

When using the official Twitch.tv App or a 3rd party alternative, the chat in the program perpetually says "Connecting" and never actually loads. This doesn't affect every single stream, it seems to only happen with more popular streamers for whatever reason, but it still affects a large number of streams. The stream itself still loads just fine and all ads are blocked properly, so it is just the missing chat that is the problem. When disabling Adguard protection the chat functions properly but the ads return. I am not aware of whether this is a Beta exclusive problem as I never used the non-Beta version of the software.

Link to Imgur Album showing screenshots of problem with descriptions.

Thank you.


Staff member
Hello, fellow Hearthstone player :) I wasn't able to reproduce the problem on my side, though.

Could you please check if the problem is present when you disable all filters in Adguard settings but leave protection enabled?

If it disappears, then the problem is with one of the filters. What exactly filters do you have enabled?