[*] androidfilehost.com download frame hidden!


does anyone know what do I need to unblock in order to view download frame in androidfilehost again?

each time I want to download from androidfilehost,
I have to disable adguard, refresh the page and then re-enable it,
because I can't find the filter/rule that's hiding the download frame

I'm not "custom-blocking" anything from their page,
it could be something generic, etc,
I tried with these two and it didn't work:

same as with typekit

example link:


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Prebake and void.gr I didnt know about those two because I can't see it in chrome extension option filters.. or maybe you have accidently block by your own in the past. Try to check in "user rules" option.

I just saw it again in option, prebake you should consider to disable that. The last update was on 9 Jun 2018.

btw, these are my filters I used. Almost everything I enabled

Ad blocking | Adguard base, Mobile Ads, EasyList, Peter Lowe's Blocklist
Privacy | Adguard tracking Protection, EasyPrivacy, Fanboy's Enchanced Tracking List
Social Widget | Adguard Social Media filter
Annoyances | AdGuard Annoyances filter , Fanboy's Annoyances, Web Annoyances Ultralist , Adblock Warning Removal List , I don't care about cookies
Security | Malware Domains Blocklist, Spam404, NoCoin Filter List
Other | Filter unblocking search ads and self-promotion, AdGuard Simplified domain names filter , BarbBlock
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so by disable it solved the problem huh.. that's strange coz I still enabled that until now. Oh and make sure your filters up to date.


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Not reproduced. So currently it is working for you with the filters in your signature?


strange but it still doesn't work,
I even enabled the logging of removed html elements in adguard low level settings,
but still can't figure it out
and it's been like this for quite a while..


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Im pretty sure the problem maybe was in your custom filter. Try with backup first your rules just to make sure and then remove all the rules in custom filter option.
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the worst part is that androidfilehost is blocked at work and I cannot troubleshoot it properly,
can someone post the cookie code? (view source etc)?