Anti adblock killer don't work with adguard adblocker


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Hello,i'm french excuse me for my poor language i use google translate.
I have Firefox quantum 57.0.4 .And the firefox adguard adblocker extension in the latest version with all the filters updated.
I installed greasemonkey for firefox + anti adblock killer and the greasemonkey monkey head appears well at the top right in firefox.When I left click on it, greasemonkey is activated and anti adblock killer reek is activated too.
But when I go on this web page:

I always have the message telling me to disable adblock! Anti adblock killer does not work!
-I specify that I activated the anti adblock filter killer reek in:
all filters> others
-I specify that I am under windows 10.
Otherwise, with the google chrome browser with tampermonkey + adblocker adguard extension, anti adblock killer works very well and I do not have the message that tells me to disable adblock on the website

-can you tell me how to fix this problem with firefox please?
Thank you in advance for your answer


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Anti-Adblock Killer is a dead filter that hasn't been updated in over a year now.
Hello Boo Berry,thanks for your answer! :)
So he died for firefox, okay.By cons, as I said in my message above, it works perfectly well with google chrome ...
-Do you know another script exactly similar to anti adblock killer reek that will work with greasemonkey and firefox and adguard extension?

Boo Berry

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Read my edited reply above and try the reporting tool, as all missed ads/anti-adblock/false positives are handled through the reporting tool and GitHub now.

The AdGuard filter developers take care of any reported anti-adblock detections "in house" through filter updates instead of relying upon third-party filters and userscripts. As long as anti-adblock detections are reported, of course. :)


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Thank you for your quick reply! :)
okay, so it would have to create a report on github by writing a topic to ask for help?


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excuse me, I had not seen your last answer meanwhile, still sorry for my message. ok I'll go on your link thank you