Any action to prevent tracker?


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Hello everyone,

Please excuse my newbie question, I’m a new AdGuard Pro user on iOS.

I observe a massive quantity of trackers detected (approx 15-20% of all requests), and when I look at a specific request level I can read that the request is handled.
Should I understand that the trackers are just detected - but the request is performed? Or does it mean that the tracker request is blocked?
Thank you for your help


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Hello there!

Trackers detection
AdGuard products, in general, care about online privacy, and AdGuard Pro is not an exception. It detects online trackers that gather all types of information about you and your actions. Any detected tracker requests are highlighted with yellow in the DNS requests log. Unfortunately, Apple puts harsh restrictions on tools available to iOS apps outside of Safari, so often blocking such requests results in breaking the functionality of associated services. This is why many of these trackers are not blocked by default, but you have full control over which ones to block manually. AdGuard Pro will provide detailed info about most of these trackers so you can make a well-considered decision in each separate case.