Anybody knows how to apply defalut rules for new apps cell/wifi access? and what about ethernet(via usb-c) blocking?


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I wonder if there is an option to apply default rules for newly installed apps on Android, let's say I want all newly installed apps to be blocked automatically from accessing wifi and cell. data, I can do that manualy, but I want to know if there is a feature like this to automatically apply rules cell/wifi blocking to new apps?

And one more question: on new devices there is usb-c with option to have ethernet via usb-c to ethernet adapter, does Adguard also blocks traffic (via App management) via ethernet (usb-c) interface? or only cell. and wifi?


I tested a beta Adguard 4... it has firewall for all apps I think it will solve my problem, the only question is will Adguard Firewall block ethernet/usb internet connection...
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