Anyone ever seen anything like this?


See attached screenshot.

I know my Google account hasn't been breached, between my PW and 2 factor it's unlikely but I also got an email if someone logs in.

Today at about 1pm I got notifications on both my Google calendar and my Samsung calendar and I have no idea where they came from.

Nobody has permission to modify my calendar except my wife and I'm fairly certain her account is secure although I haven't checked login locations like I have with mine.

I think the best way to clear all these out is to start up a VM and login to google through that but...I've never seen anything like this anywhere.

I haven't granted any apps or anything permission to modify my calendar either.


Boo Berry

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That looks like the Google Calendar SPAM thing that's been happening as of late. There's a setting you can use to get rid of it.



Well that has to be it. Don't know how I missed that one. I wonder how they are doing it without using email because I had no spam and I have my settings set to not automatically add anything to the calendar.

Thanks for the info, gonna keep reading up on this and hope google fixes it soon. It had from today all the way through the end of December filled out with the same non repeating notification.