Anyone using Samsung's Side by Side/Glans PIP issue with AdGuard?


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Samsung's Android firmware support Side By Side Multitasking and Small PIP mode that interact with S-pen Stylus named as Glans.
it's intergrated as they're system functions.

Samsung's own Multitasking Realization in Android is quite long history so fortunatly many apps functional well in this mode.
but still it's not regular android functional so..

seems AdGuard's Filtering is interfirriences on app that activated in one side.
at first time, it's works both side well but after some times passed, Only network connection sustaining in one side only.


as example, i've turn Discord at Left side, and turn game application that require online connection in right side.
both apps are working well with AdGuard when single launch, but few minutes passed, discord can't found the connections and game is still functioning.
when you change the application in right side rotation sequentialy and few times after, game app in right side also loss the connections.

even in the off the Side by Side, this state doesn't recover at all so..
after disable AdGuard for Android once, both all found the network connections as well.

i'm not sure how AdGuard handling and filter the apps and not sure how many Samsung Devices support this functions.
(Samsung Fold and Tablet Devices are support this mode but not sure about Note and S series. guess depends on OneUI/Samsung Experience versions and Device screen resoultion/sizes)
but guess Samsung's Developer website supply devices for remote debug services so won't be hard to AdGuard Devs check and considering this issues.

My Test Enviorment was Galaxy Tab Active 3 SM-T575 on Android 10 with Samsung OneUI 2.5
and not tested these issues in Glans Mode Yet. guess this one would be only supported on certain devices.
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