Apple Privete Relay and Adguard PRO with DNS

Pan‘s Dance

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Is it a smart and useful move to run Adguard Pro with the Adguard DNS pack vombined with the new Private Relay function found in the Icloud settings of IOS 15 and up?
I am not sure what Apple Private Relay exactly is doing, but i imagine it to be working in a similar fashion as a DNS.
Should i switch one of the two off to dafe batterylife on my Phone or are they two seperate systems that don’t interfere?


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Can anyone answer this? When using adguard, does it work around private relay? So does it make private relay useless? Do they complement each other? Which settings should we use? If AdGuard disables private relay, why should we use that? If private relay disables AdGuard, why should we use AdGuard? Can someone explain like we’re 5? I see so many questions here about this and no one seems to give a proper answer.