Apple silicon (M1) Mac support


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I would love a native ARM build for Mac. It performs pretty well with Rosetta 2, but ,more performance and less memory usage is always welcome.

If there are experimental ARM builds, I would be happy to test them.


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I would also love a native Apple Silicon build of AdGuard for Mac. In fact, AdGuard is among the only few remaining background-running apps that doesn't have the native ARM build. Since it is running 24/7, and filtering contents in real-time, it is really important that the app is running as efficiently and fast as possible. I am happy to test any beta versions.


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Intel version adguard will swap and increase tbw on m1 Mac ssd
Please update to arm version to slove this problem


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Great work! Thank you :D as an additional q: How does this work with 3rd-party browsers? I use FireFox. After installing the Nightly build of AG and going through the process of installing the FF browser extension, a Beta build is installed in (1.1.16). Is this also native Apple silicon code? FF is native AS on M1, but not entirely sure of the technicalities of the extensions it runs?

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Well, the architecture for browser extensions doesn't actually matter, it's universal between platforms.

What would matter is if Firefox itself is a universal binary with both Intel and Apple Silicon (ARM) support, which is already is.


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Ah ok that makes sense. It was only cus MikeL mentioned about the Safari extension also now running native AS code, I was then curious about the situation for 3rd-party browsers. Thanks for your reply! :)