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This is just a brief excerpt from the source.

According to your website, Ad-venture ads have been found unblockable when tested with dozens of
ad-blocking tools. Please describe how that is done.

Our solution bypasses ad-blockers by rebuilding the website and removing all ad indicators. This way, the ad-blocker cannot distinguish between ads and real content, therefore it cannot block anything.

We designed a roadmap to always stay one step ahead of ad-blockers. Since ad-blockers run on the client side, beating them means you always do things on the server side.

As a server side solution, Ad-Venture rebuilds the page to make sure adblockers remain inactive, and we overview the site before the user sees it, so obviously, if we find any malvertisements we remove them before they can reach the user’s browser. If a good ad gets about 1-2 million views per hour, think about how many people can be affected if malware is present in the ad. That’s a major concern that our customers will never have to deal with.

Would one solution be Ad-Blocker programs to server up the webpages, and then before the user sees it remove any ads thereof. Which would have to be an automated experience, possibly caching many webpages in it's own virtual data base then before hand and stripping out ad elements as websites update new contents - so the users experience isn't slowed. I'm thinking this is being done now somewhat with filters lists on the clients end, but will it grow to more over-head in expense to accomplish this? DNS resolvers on the adblockers end - bubble inside a bubble ?

The user base of an adblocker could supply the sites for the database by simply visiting sites, the adblocker could start now in caching these visited websites into it's own database without the ads and build from there in stripping new ads content - that feasible?

Or possibly morph some ideals from this-

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