As the Upgrades Go so does the Screen Size

Given how technology every time it gets an upgrade has to not only step up in power & capability but also in SIZE.
So I am wondering if it would be possible to see more of an "assistant" like the PC version gets. Specifically for those device's of a tablet or laptop/book sized device. My little Galaxy A5 would never cope trying to handle it & as I see throughout the forum for various topic's some have even smaller screen than I do.
My thinking is that by adding this feature to the device's of a tablet + size, people are going to enjoy not only the privacy & freedom more but also be more likely to start acting as intermediary sale's as well to push their contact's "to get this needed piece of technology!" As it is in my home we have 1 PC, 2 Android's & 2 Apple/IOS. So naturally all 3 have slightly different Adguard features that ultimately lead's to "That's not fair you get..." which started the thought that if the various maker's are all making their own limitations as to what can run on whatever tech...the only real difference left is who gets what size to run what feature...?


you noticed the 'slightly' different pricing? ;)
Different features depend mostly of what the underlying architecture (OS) and the OS providers policies (app store) allow
Ah yes! The $$ did play into my mind (especially when the pouting take's place in the home) that some features are limited to the higher costing device.
Yet I contend that on a personal level at least that I have found better service without needing to go for the higher price. Obviously our PC is going to be able to handle more filter's & customized features over my Galaxy A5 but the IOS have a cap of 50,000 I believebelieve...
Still when we wind up telling some other person about Adguard & how s/he gets this/that feature "just because of it being a XYZ..." it has a sort of double edged effect. If they focus on the feature of service or a particular quality that is only available onon Brand A while Brand B is cheaper yet can do [×] then in the end if that is all it comes down to for choice simply because each brand that carries/makes a screen of Y"+ would at least be equal opportunity for supplying THIS software


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some features are limited to the higher costing device
This is not true. I'd argue that iPhones and iPads are more pricey than most Android devices, yet Apple policies allow very little compared to what we can do on Android. Your example of rules cap for Safari is very telling.

We try our best to implement new features for all platforms, but sometimes it's just not possible. And in the case we can't, we lower the price accordingly, take AdGuard Pro for iOS as an example.
There is a discount of sort's for the various OS? Had not seen that despite the many squabbles over the various screen's as we shared/showed some feature that was considered a Standard.
Obviously a PC alone will be able to handle running Adguard & the Assistant BOTH whereas a mobile is going to be limited simply because of memory space.
Yet Tablet's & these new "book's" that are almost miniature laptop's, could they not be given the same kind of option's the PC/desktop gets? I ask after in a few app store's seeing what may be a fad/trend of giving the option to get THIS app on a mobile OR a tablet.
My understanding is that the graphics alone may be the only difference between such. Now that @vasily_bagirov has pointed out the price difference between device's a similar could apply to there being a mobile version over a tablettablet. Again based on the OS of either system, the user would get a variety of option's.
Wouldn't have to be a new standard but more of a gradual process to follow the system as originally posted, as technology advances so does the size of the machinery. Screen's, memory, graphics, etc can get bigger as they are put into bigger obviously. So if it were possible to follow up with software that could do likewise, it would comer down to simply what feature's are available on what device....


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There is a discount of sort's for the various OS?
It's not that there's a discount per se, just prices are different. Compare, for example, a lifetime license price for PC/Mac (on and the price of AdGuard Pro for iOS app in AppStore.

Yet Tablet's & these new "book's" that are almost miniature laptop's, could they not be given the same kind of option's the PC/desktop gets?
I am not a developer, so I can't give you a technical explanation, but there are certainly a huge amount of differencies between OSs that don't allow to just "copy+paste" a Windows app to Android, for example. Although, we've been working on the CoreLibs for a while now (which @Boo Berry gave an excellent explanation on here), and it will allow to add same functionality to different products more easily.

Boo Berry

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TL;DR: CoreLibs integration will (hopefully/likely) allow easier feature parity between AG for Windows, Mac and Android. This includes things like Stealth Mode, userscripts (hopefully/likely the Assistant too), support for HTTP/2, etc. It's just going to take time to get through the CoreLibs development/integration process.

AG for iOS? Unfortunately, it's probably going to be left out. Why? Apple's limitations make it where it doesn't need something like CoreLibs - it'd just be a wasted effort.


AG for iOS? Unfortunately, it's probably going to be left out. Why? Apple's limitations make it where it doesn't need something like CoreLibs - it'd just be a wasted effort.
Does that apply to rooted/jailbroken iDevices as well?
When it comes to Apple & the increase in breaches period...It is almost like they are encouraging them by daring someone to hack in now.
Google make's a big media circus out of dropping all the "adware" & focus on privacy. Yet if you watch just the most basic log's right now...! No sooner did they do that & suddenly there is an increase in the "ad blocker's" & the advertising itself has started to get more aggressive.
Even the many VPN services were busted not too long ago slacking off or just outright lies about their practices!
Since coming across this particular program, my family & I feel much safer now! Even the few in the family who refuse to do anything online are starting to see that it's not a matter of what you are doing while surfing the net to be affected.
The upcoming Libraries are only going to be quite the eye opener for many when they do get finalized! Still am wondering about the order for the impending release. Boo Berry said in a prior post that the plan was go mobile after the PC version (although I may have that backwards now ) Google is dropping their Pixel line...Apple is teaming up with Google to now allow some fresh apps into their midst... Window's is now going to drop their plans to bring out only a "S" variance by next year...
Having basically the same type across all the platforms these libraries will cover should be easier for managing the way things are done. As has been discussed in another post about the slight variations in the software not to mention the capabilities of the various systems I now am wondering if the timeline is still on track. Have the various programmer's taken on too big a task too late to match the change in technology? With a library it should be easier to get bug's & help in general quicker given that most of the same method's could be cross platform.