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Dennis Fong

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I would like to check what is actually blocking the video streaming from loading properly.

From what I check, the video when press play button, it will link to a "3.bp.blogspot.com"

This site is full of ads, and in-video ads, I just hope that adguard can block and remove these ads, while allow me to view video normally.

As I turn off adguard, video is loading normally but direct to many ads, when adguard is on, there is some able to show the play button, but as you press on it, it will just keep spinning and video never load.

E.g: http://hkfree.asianfans.net/watch-online/forensic-heroes-iv/episode-12


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Please provide necessary information:

Video does not play without AdGuard too when I try.


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video is playing fine for me if i click the 720p button
and it's not blocked with my config