Assistant Icon Disappears Sometimes


Beta Tester
Just noticed that the assistant icon in the bottom right corner of my browser (Google Chrome) disappears without any reason! I check another page and it comes back, but some pages don't have that icon showing. It seemed as when you hit a link from a page or hit a next button, the icon disappears but it reappears when you come back to the initial page.
Also noticed that the assistant slows down page load and keeps the browser loading the page a few seconds after the page is loaded.


Beta Tester
Hi Chromatinfish123,

I can confirm that assistant icon sometimes works on my Gmail page and sometimes doesn't. I use Google Chrome and it was NEVER appearing when I used size 175% zoom, at 150% it should always appear but does some pages and others it doesn't. It was always appearing on my Gmail inbox and today it's not...



Beta Tester
I have this problem in the other direction: I have disabled the assistant but sometimes the assistant icon just reappears as if it was enabled ^^ And according to the Adguard settings it still is disabled. Only workaround to make the assistant disappear is to temporarily enable the assistant in settings and then disable it again.


Staff member
Have you tried to clear browser cache instead of re-enabling Assistant?