Assistent is not showen on - DIV cant be blocked


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Hy everyone,
one self the AdGuard Assistent is showen in the corner and the Ads on the right and Bottom are Blocked perfect.
But as soon i go into a channel (for example the Assistent is no longer showen which brings me to the problem that i can block Divs there.

In my case i want to block / hide the Div on the right site which contains Ads:
and the one on the bottom:

//Edit: I found now this custome rules for chaturbate on the internet:
With this rules all the ads are removed (even from the channels) and the assistent is showen up. So i think there is a issue with the "Englisch Filter" and the rules for chaurbate there?

Would be nice if you can check this.
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English filter already hides the shown class names by these rules:

Assistant shows up fine on mentioned link.


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Try to reinstall assistant from AdGuard - Settings - Extensions and try again.

Do you have installed any of anti-viruses (for example Malwarebytes, Avast, KIS)?