Banner on a video in Firefox Mobile


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I'm not sure this is the right place to post this (sorry if it's not), but I'm trying to watch a video using the MyCloud server, and every time I pause the video, a giant banner (always the same banner, links to a website called AnimeSuge) appears over the video, and because I'm watching it on my mobile phone, I can't hit the play button without clicking on the banner. I've tried using the Element Hiding utility on the AdGuard… it's not the settings page proper, it's that page the opens when I click "AdGuard AdBlocker" in the application menu that has options such as disabling AdGuard on the current page or blocking an element in the page… but the utility is unable to differentiate the banner from the video, so clicking it blocks the video itself instead of just the banner. I've also tried adding
to the user rules (in the actual AdGuard settings page), but that didn't work either (admittedly, I haven't written a filter rule in ages and seem to have forgotten what little I knew about doing so, so that may be my fault). What have I done wrong, and how can I make the banner go away? This seems to be a fairly recent problem, BTW; I used MyCloud yesterday and I think I would have noticed it if this had already been happening.

Browser: Firefox for Android 68.9.0
Extension: AdGuard AdBlocker 3.6.17