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when i'm with wifi connection, adguard affects battery for just 1% (reading the statistics on the default lollipop battery screen) and i like it so much :D

but when i'm with 3g data i noticed that adguards consumes much more, and it's absolutely the app that uses most battery, even more than screen :confused:

it's very strange, maybe it's an "error" of the phone (for example it's an error showing that adguards uses all the data, when in reality it's because of chrome or all the other apps filtered)?
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i use the default battery monitor present in android 5.0, i think anyway it's just a mistake by android system under 3g data connection.

from now i'll chek also the thread on wilders :)


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Hi im using Android 4.1.2 and when using adguard with 3g for me its seems like i also got lola's problem. Without adguard i had to charge my phone about all two days with adguard i had to charge it every day.
I know its not a scientivic solution to meassure the rate but thats how its for me when i have the same usepattern on that days.


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Hello! The battery consumption 'problem' is very similar to the one with traffic consumption. Android sees all the traffic that is filtered by ADguard as consumed by Adguard itself. And since the battery consumption is based on CPU and traffic usage (with a coefficient), Adguard is always in the top. One more nuance: for smartphones this coefficient is significantly higher than for tablets, and that's why you see such big numbers as on your screenshot.


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I have a similar problem.
The weird thing is, that most of the time the battery usage is max 5% with full usage of the phone(Chrome, google+, YouTube.. Nothing extraordinary).
But then there are times when it exceeds like in the Screenshot. Same phone usage. Screenshot_2015-03-01-01-04-05.png