Battery Usages

Eric Schwab

New Member
AdGuard as a long help page about battery usage but I really can not make sense of it. It is long and confusing for what should be a simple answer. So I am looking for simple answers and any information. 1. With AdGuard on will it drain my battery faster with it on vs if it was off? 2. Does it us a lot of battery power and will I see my battery draining faster when it's on? 3. The more filters I turn on say I have 5 on will that drain my battery faster vs if I only had 2 filters on?

Thank you

Boo Berry

Moderator + Beta Tester
If you actually notice issues with battery drain, more than likely an app in the background is looping requests which are being blocked by AG for Windows. Using the filtering log to try to identify such apps might help quite a bit.

Otherwise, no, I've not noticed issues with battery drain.